Hand Gun Classes

img2Maxxguard provides training and certification to apply for the TN Handgun Permit. If you do not know the basics of firearms, are unfamiliar with them, or have never picked up a firearm, this is the class for you. Maxxguard will make sure that you become familiar with your weapon then teach you how to properly shoot it so that you can apply for the Tennessee Handgun Permit.

Maxxguard offers several necessary accessories in addition to the certification to apply for the handgun carry permit. Generic or custom badges for visual identification are available. The handbooks explain the state laws and their requirements and clarifies which states recognize Tennessee’s handgun permit. The F.O.P. memberships allow you to practice on the range after you take the class, and more are available.

To Build your custom badge, please go to the website address below and choose Visual Badge. Once you have built your badge you may email Maxxguard a copy with a follow up call so that your badge can be ordered. Please note there will be an additional fee of $3.50 for shipping and handling.

Please call the office for more information.

The State of Tennessee requires you to register at: https://apps.tn.gov/handgun and bring confirmation number received to class.

Please click on a link below to find out what you need to know about the classes for your area.

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