In Loving Memory of
Franklin D. Lax, Sr.

March 19, 1937 until May 8, 2005


Mr. Franklin D. Lax, Sr. was committed to his country. In March 1958 he was sworn in with the most famous soldier of all time, Elvis Presley. From that point in 1958 they were in basic training together in Fort Hood, TX and both were stationed in Germany until 1960. Mr. Lax then continued service by serving in the Army National Guard as Military Police. Mr. Lax, Sr. and Elvis Presley kept in touch until Mr. Presley’s death in 1977.

Mr. Lax Sr. was also committed to his community. He served as a County Commissioner, a City Judge, was founder of the Tennessee Constables’ Association, was first elected in 1972 as a County Constable and continued to serve in this position until his death in May 2005. Mr. Lax, Sr. founded Maxxguard, Incorporated in 1979 and served on the Governor’s State Advisory Board for the Department of Commerce and Insurance, and the Security Guard Regulatory Advisory Board from 1988-1996. Mr. Lax was Chairman of the Security Committee at First Baptist Church and a Lifetime member of the Kiwanis Club. He also served in numerous committees throughout his lifetime.

A proclamation was declared, by Madison County Mayor Jerry Gist, that Monday September 19, 2005 would be Franklin D. Lax Sr. day for the tireless giving of his time and energies, in serving this community in numerous capacities.

He believed that he could serve his clients better if he were in control of his employees’ training so he became certified as a trainer in all aspects of the security guard business.
Other security companies outsourced their training needs, so not only did Mr. Lax train his own employees, but those of other companies as well.

In 2003 Franklin D. Lax, Jr. “Frankie” bought the company from his father and moved to President and CEO. Mr. Lax, Sr. moved to Chairman Emeritus and remained active with the company with his experience and wisdom until his death in 2005.

Frankie continued with his Dad’s philosophy that you and your employees benefit greatly from handling your own employee training program. By doing your own in-house training, you are able to develop relationships with your employees and at the same time evaluate their ability to perform to Maxxguard standards.

Maxxguard’s past and continued growth is due to the loyal customer base established through identifying, customizing and delivering the service clients need and fulfilling those needs those needs through a group of well trained men and women guards.