Patrol Services

guard-photos-jan-2012-020---security-officerFor those clients that do not need a constant, on-site security officer, Maxxguard provides effective and cost efficient patrol service as an additional option. Patrol Service is an effective service for deterrence and unannounced observation. A patrol officer, which are supervisors, will observe and perform checks, also called "hits", at the location or business at random times of the night or day. The client chooses the quantity of “hits” during that time frame. The supervisor (patrol officer) will perform those hits and log each time one is made plus any additional detail needed. Reports will be available to any client by the next day.

Maxxguard provides patrolling of properties during business hours, after hours, or both and will provide patrol for commercial and residential properties. This may include but is not limited to neighborhoods, parking lots, empty buildings, empty homes, factories, etc. The client has the option to add additional tasks such as inspections to check for lights, unlocked doors, windows, and gates, or a specific need for that location.

Maxxguard's patrol service is available twenty four hours per day in clearly marked patrol vehicles equipped with spotlights to radios for thorough observation and patrol. There is a minimum of four hits per night unless otherwise arranged.