Private Investigation Services

private-investigationMaxxguard is the vast source for licensed investigators, investigative services, and information nationwide. Maxxguard performs investigation services to obtain information on any person or business for local, state, and federal civil and criminal cases. Investigative services are available for finding loves ones, divorce cases, individual needs, and much more.

Maxxguard Private Investigation Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Previous and current addresses
  • Social Security Number (SSN) tracking
  • Date/locations where SSN used
  • Census Data
  • Bankruptcy Indicator
  • Corporate Affiliations Indicator
  • Asset Report, Property Deeds & Assessments
  • Vehicle & Boat Registration
  • UCC Filings
  • Current Listed Phones
  • Current Neighbor Phones
  • Phones at Historical Addresses
  • Bankruptcy Filings, Bankruptcy
  • Liens & Judgments
  • UCC Filings
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Professional Licenses
  • Hunting/Fishing Permits
  • Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Criminal Records
  • Sexual Offenders and et cetera.
  • Video Surveillance
  • Photos